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The TOTAL CARE Difference

This is a personal message from us to you.  We make no apologies for investing quite a few words on this subject because it’s important to us and may prove to be so for you also.

We know that potential clients won’t select our services because:

Even cost-attractive pricing won’t be enough to persuade people to trust us with their business.

What potential customers wish to see is evidence that we are different to the rest in very positive and tangible ways that will make a difference to their removals experience.

There’s no doubt in our mind or the opinions of our existing customers that we are very different – but how do we show that to a potential new client?

In the following sections we will outline things like our guarantees and customer feedback but here we’d like to talk about the critical over-arching difference that drives everything else – that of our business culture.

Total Care Team

Business Culture – The Heart of a Company

Here at Total Care Removals, we know that it’s very easy for any company to put in place rules, regulations, guidelines and processes, governing the way a team is meant to behave towards customers.

They may be well-intentioned and beautifully constructed – but all too often in many organisation they’re simply ignored on a day-to-day basis.

That doesn’t happen with us because our company and team culture was built from the bottom-up around the notion of customer service and satisfaction.  It’s in the DNA of everybody working as part of Total Care Removals because if it wasn’t, they wouldn’t be part of our team to begin with.

This isn’t something that you can ‘train’ into individuals.  You can help them to understand certain subtleties of customer service through education but you can’t teach anybody to really care about how they perform as part of a wider team in delivering customer satisfaction.

They either do, as part of their psychology or they don’t.

We promise you’ll never see an example of the latter type of person if you entrust us with your business.

The TOTAL CARE Difference

We will offer you the most expert services in areas such as packing, transport, unpacking, cleaning and even garden work if required.

We’ll package all of those services into an unrivalled service delivery culture that means you’ll never, for example, need to call us to find out what’s going on because if you need to do so, then we’d see it as a failure on our part to keep you informed.

You can, more or less, simply step-back and let us do our job.  We’ll make sure that your removals experience is trauma-free and that your need to worry is much reduced if not entirely eliminated.

This is essentially the TOTAL CARE difference. It’s about the dedication of our individual team members and a company culture that is 100% customer-centric.

We believe we exist to serve you – not the other way round.  That’s what makes the difference and why you should trust us with your business.