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How to Choose the Right Removal Company?

9 Simple Steps to Choose Right Removal Company

Are you in the process of making a decision about a removals company?

At Total Care Removals we’re not going to apologise for saying that we want your business. Even so, whether you’re looking at us or another potential removals company, these are the steps you should be going through.

  1. Look at the market reputation of your potential provider plus their testimonials. Don’t be overly swayed by their web site alone but research them on the internet through other sources as well.
  2.  Check out their experience levels and background.  New start-ups may be fine but do you really want to entrust your domestic or office move to a company that’s learning as it does things for perhaps the first time?
  3. Check whether they’re using their vehicles or hired ones.  If they’re hiring or borrowing vehicles it may introduce a degree of risk on the day of your move itself (“we’ve been let down by the hire company” etc.)
  4.  See what they back up their promises with, if anything. Almost any company is going to tell you that they’ll do a great job and offer all sorts of assurances but nothing proves their confidence better than if they back that up with financial guarantees covering what they’d do if there was a problem and you were dissatisfied.
  5.  If you’re asking them to do your packing, make sure you understand their experience in this area. Packing isn’t just a question of wrapping things and putting them into a carton. You really won’t want to discover the truth of that for the first time when you start unpacking an amateur’s handiwork.
  6.  Make sure they won’t tranship. That means transferring your items from one vehicle to another, as that introduces risk. Of course, it may be unavoidable if you have a delay between uploading and ‘moving in’ but in ordinary removals it shouldn’t be.
  7.  Ask if they have fragile goods handling equipment and experience.
  8.  Make sure that their employees are all vetted rather than simply ‘taken on’. That’s because they’ll have access to your property and valuables. Check also that they’re not just using ‘casual labour’ for the day.
  9.  Finally, make sure you like them. That may sound odd but human instinct is important here. If they sound professional, polite and trustworthy then it’s a good sign even if you can’t trust it to the exclusion of some of the other points above.  On the contrary, if you don’t like the way they communicate or conduct themselves then don’t be swayed by their prices and instead look elsewhere.

Remember When you choose us, you’re protected by the industry-leading 4-point GUARANTEE to give you the peace of mind you’ve always longed for and also get the privilege to choose one of three amazing FREE Bonuses on offer (each valued at $100.00 and more) which is yours – when you book and pay your deposit within 7 days of receiving your quote!

Good luck with your selection and don’t forget we’re here for help and advice at any time.