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Things We Guarantee NEVER to Say

Things We Guarantee NEVER to Say

Perhaps you’ve heard some of the appalling stories of sheer incompetence that householders and professional premises occupiers have experienced from ‘cowboy’ removals companies.

We want to make clear here that we totally condemn removals companies that operate on such a basis. We operate to the highest standards of professional best-practice and can guarantee that our furniture removals clients will NEVER hear things from Total Care Removals such as:

• “Sorry, we got a bit confused and seem to have accidentally booked your removal for tomorrow instead of today”.

• “We’re going to be very late because our driver got lost”

• “We thought you were providing packing materials?”

• “Due to our driver oversleeping, we regret that…”

• “We’ve forgotten our ratchet straps. Do you have any rope on you?”

• “One of our team has a bad back. Could you help with the lifting onto the vehicle?”

• “Sorry but the driver hasn’t turned up for work today and we’ve no idea where he is”

• “Someone in the office should have told you that we won’t carry items above a certain weight up stairs”

• “Don’t pack clothes into those cartons, as they’re still soaking wet from the job we did yesterday”

• “We’ve run out of packing. Do you have any old newspapers?”

• “Our packer perhaps is drunk but it was his birthday yesterday and he had a late night”

• “Where are we meant to be taking this to again?”

• “Sorry but our truck has gearbox problems and can’t make it up the hill to your house.”

• “Shortly after leaving your property with your furniture, our vehicle broke down on the highway and then somehow caught fire.”

Now perhaps some of these have raised a smile and you might be thinking “funny but couldn’t be real”. Well, all these are based upon real incidents.

While bad luck can sometimes play a part even in the best-organised business life, the vast majority of such appalling service is due to professional negligence.

We’ve invested heavily over many years in developing a total customer focus and that’s why you will never hear any of the above or anything like them, from Total Care Removals. Keep that in mind the next time you’re looking for a quotation and impeccable service.