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Top Packing Tips Using Cartons

Top Packing Tips Using Cartons

OK, we admit it.  This probably isn’t the most exciting blog title you’ve ever seen and reading on might seem to have all the attractions of watching paint dry!

We can’t pretend that cartons are, in themselves, a thrilling subject to read about but they ARE important in helping get your household or office removals items safely from ‘A’ to ‘B’. So, please excuse us for saying a few words about them – words that are aimed at trying to help customers who are considering doing their own packing.

It hopefully goes without saying that a little thought is required.  Just picking up any old tatty cartons is going to be risky.  Sure, if you have a few older and ‘pre-used’ cartons and you’re going to put in them a few old soft toys that are unbreakable and light then those cartons might be OK even if they’ve seen better days.

However, for anything that’s heavier or more valuable, you really should select sturdy new or nearly new cartons that are in excellent condition.  We always recommend that the cartons you purchase are ‘export rated’ – but what does that mean?

Essentially, it means that the carton is capable of both supporting an internal weight up to a specified maximum in kilos (loaded over that and the bottom might fall out) but also resisting external crushing pressures too.

For all of your heavier and more valuable items, look for double or triple-walled cartons.  Yes, they’ll cost you a few dollars more than those ‘bargain basement’ jumbo packs of cartons but you might see that as a tiny investment overall if it means your possessions arrive in one piece.

None of these things will bother you though if we’re taking care of your home or office removal packing – we’ll do it all for you!