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Top Tips for a Successful Office Move

Top Tips for a Successful Office Move

Over the years we have learned many things about how to run a successful office removal.

So, whether you are in Christchurch or Auckland, office moving may be a lot more straightforward and trauma-free if you take some of the following steps:

• Contact us at the earliest stage of your preliminary planning. There is simply a huge amount we can help you with based upon our past experience and it’s a good idea to take that advice and guidance into account before settling on a firm date for your removal.

• Pre-warn all of your customers, however unlikely you hope it will be, that there may be some short-term disruption to your normal services on the day you vacate your old premises or the day you start up business again in the new one. Most of your customers will be perfectly understanding – though only if they are told in advance!

• Don’t be too ambitious when setting your date. There is an awful lot to be arranged and hoping to get everything done in (e.g.) two weeks from your first initial idea to the day you move out might be unrealistic.

• If you have employees, consult them fully in advance and deal with any concerns they may have. Your staff may be able to make or break your office removal in terms of avoiding traumas.

• Triple-check that everything is ready at your new premises before you vacate your old office. It’s not unknown for companies to be stuck in limbo having left their old location only to find that something is going to stop them occupying the new one on the planned day/time.

Once again, remember that we at Total Care Removals are experts in this domain. There is no need to trust to luck or re-invent the wheel. Talk to us instead!