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Top Tips for Greeting Household Movers

Top Tips for Greeting Household Movers

So, tomorrow morning your removals company will be arriving to help you move to your new home.

It’s an exciting and stressful time and there are a few last-minute things that Total Care Removals believe you need to think about in order to prepare for the move itself.

1. Get to bed early the night before and try and get a good night’s sleep. Yes, it’s going to be tough given the excitement and stress but staying up very late and sinking a few extra glasses of wine to say goodbye to your old house may not position you to be in the best condition to cope with tomorrow’s challenges.

2. Get up at a suitable time but perhaps not at the crack of dawn in a panic. There’s no point simply sitting around fretting and worrying pending the arrival of your removals company.

3. Of course, try to have just about everything done the night before. Crises on the morning itself are best avoided.

4. Try to have a good and healthy breakfast before you pack the last of your kitchen equipment away. It’s going to be a long and potentially demanding day, perhaps not best conducted on an empty stomach.

5. Look to have something pre-prepared for lunch such as a picnic or go to a local restaurant if that’s practical then come back. Trying to rustle something up in your kitchen when everything has been packed away is going to be difficult.

6. If you have paid for packing and removal services, step back and let your professional household movers do their job. Keeping a ‘distant eye’ on them is perfectly understandable but trying to micro-manage what they are doing is likely to introduce stress and tension where none is necessary.

7. If at all possible, try to make arrangements for young children and pets to be looked after by someone else in another location. Your household movers won’t work efficiently if they’re constantly trying to fight off your dog which is constantly jumping up and barking (playfully or not) at them as they go about their business!

A few basic tips but they just might help your day go that bit more smoothly.