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Top Tips for Lifting Boxes (etc.) Safely

Top Tips for Lifting Boxes (etc.) Safely

Our first tip is a pretty obvious one – leave all the lifting to us!

That’s because our guys are professional Christchurch movers, so they’re also trained, strong and fit.

However, if you’re doing your own removal and loading onto a van, here are some of our top tips about how to avoid potential injury (we blogged on this a long time ago but a quick reminder never hurt anyone – unlike bad lifting techniques!).

  1. Keep your back straight when lifting, with your legs very slightly apart. You’re trying to take the weight on your legs and NOT your back.
  1. Wear very heavy duty boots or shoes, steel toe caps are a good idea if possible. Do NOT wear trainers or sandals etc. Foot injury is very commonplace with DIY removals due to the tendency for heavy objects to fall on them if mishandled.
  1. Don’t carry boxes or objects that obscure or block your vision forward as you walk. You might be amazed at how often people have fallen down stairs, tripped over obstacles or walked right off of loading bays due to this one.  It may sound comical but very serious injuries can result and even death in some instances.
  1. Be sensible about the weight you can comfortably carry. A lot will depend upon your age, fitness level and musculature but if it feels too heavy to carry in comfort then your body is telling you that you’ve passed your safe limit. For most ordinary people, anything much above around 15-20 kilos is perhaps justification for asking someone else to lend a hand.
  1. Avoid over-stretching when loading into a van or onto a flatbed. Sometimes that involves lifting up the item and it’s really very easy to suddenly lose control and topple backwards – with the heavy item coming down on top of you. Not recommended for good health!

Once again, why not let us do it for you?