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Top Tips for Office Moves in the Winter

Top Tips for Office Moves in the Winter

If you are like most of the business owners in the world, you will want everything related to your business to be 100% organized. Office moves are definitely among the largest things you will have to organize with your employees (or with a specialized company, for that matter). Although most of the people would rather do this in the summer months, if you have to do it in the winter, you will have to keep in mind certain things if you want to make sure everything goes smoothly.

1. Be very careful with your plants. Most of the moving companies will not allow you to actually move your plants with a normal unheated van, so you may have to think of an alternative. Most likely, all your plants will fit into one or two cars (you can ask an employee or two to help you out with it).

2. Make sure that the space in front of your current office, as well as the space in front of your new office will be perfectly cleaned off snow. Even if you do not know if there will be snow, make sure to organize a team to take care of this task in case unexpected snowfall happens.

3. Before you arrive at the new office, make sure to turn on the heat so that you can start unpacking properly without having to freeze your soul off.

4. Be very careful about the electronic items in your office. Many of these products out there tend to be quite sensitive to low temperatures and this is something you will definitely want to consider. Plasma TVs, for example, can react very badly when they interact with low heat and you will want them to be fully functional when you arrive at the new office as well.

5. One day before the actual move, go to the new office and make sure that the floors that will be walked upon a lot will be perfectly protected. Chances are that the people in charge with the moving will wet the floor and bring water and snow on the floors and that can damage them even before you actually move in. Use cardboards, plastic covers and anything that you may find to make sure this does not happen.

6. Remember to bring some shovels to have with you during the moving process if you are organizing this in-house. If you have outsourced this task to another company specialized in office moves, then they will probably take care of this as well (ask them beforehand to be absolutely certain that any unexpected snow will be removed in due time).

7. If you know your office (both the current one and the new one) is situated in an area that is susceptible to snow storms, leave one or two days before/after the actually planned date. This way, you will not run out of time and have to rush everything into a disaster.

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