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Top Tips for Reducing Family Stress on House Removal Day

Top Tips for Reducing Family Stress on House Removal Day

However well everything goes, it’s not unusual for a little friction and stress to arise between family members on removal day.

Total Care Removals will do everything humanly possible in helping to make sure it’s as trouble-free a day as possible but inevitably it’s something of a worrying time for the family.

Here are a few of our top tips about how to help reduce the possibilities of little niggles arising in your family when the big day arrives.

  1. Make sure everybody, particularly children, get an early night the night before. True, everybody is likely to be a bit excited but being tired the following day won’t help anybody’s good humour.
  1. Try to get some neighbours, family or friends to help. Even if we are doing all the packing and hard work for you, just having someone extra around to make some coffee or keep an eye on the children while you’re running around can be a real blessing.
  1. If your children are very young, it might be sensible to ask a trusted family member to look after them in another location while you are busy emptying your house. Keep in mind that moving home can be stressful for kids too.
  1. Try to get everything done by the day before if that is at all possible. Emergency packing and running around dealing with things that weren’t thought about in advance is something to be avoided on removal day itself – unless you love stress that is!
  1. Do whatever is necessary to deal with pets the day before your house relocation. Christchurch or any other New Zealand town can look very big if, for example, you’re running around the streets desperately looking for ‘Fido’ instead of keeping an eye on what’s happening in your house.

Obviously, we have stacks of other ideas that could help.  Why not give us a call to find out more?