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Trees and Removals Vehicle Access

Trees and Removals Vehicle Access

We have spoken before in our Blogs about the importance of making sure that your property is relatively easily accessible by our removal vehicles and personnel.

Of course, if we are doing a site inspection beforehand this is something we will be looking at closely.

In circumstances where that isn’t possible though, there are a number of factors that you will need to take into consideration, including all those time-honoured challenges like parking and access to upper-floored properties etc.

One thing sometimes overlooked in these situations is that of trees. You may be surprised at how they can be a challenge.

For example, if you have a detached property with its own driveway and good wide access, you may think that getting a removals van up to your front door should be routine – and it may well be.  However, it’s important to keep an eye out for any trees directly adjacent to your driveway which may have low-hanging branches.

When that happens, it can sometimes be impossible for a high vehicle to get past the tree without risking damage to the vehicle, something which is normally unacceptable to a moving company of course! That then leads to the obvious suggestion, why not cut the offending branch down?

The difficulty there is that in situations where you don’t own the property, you may need the owner or landlord’s permission to remove a substantial branch from any trees in the garden.  That might not be a particular problem but it’s something you will need to take action on and obtain in advance.

In situations where you own the tree, there may be some legal complications in circumstances where you have sold the property, including the garden ‘as seen’ then start to make radical revisions to it by cutting down branches before the new owners have taken possession.

There is no single answer to this other than to say it’s something to be aware of!