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Unexpected Overnight Removals

Unexpected Overnight Removals

It’s actually extremely unusual but occasionally a removal scheduled to take place entirely in a standard day may run overnight into the second day.

There might be any number of reasons why that could be the case including things such as:

1. There are delays gaining access either to the property to be emptied or that to which the delivery is due to take place. That can happen following things such as keys being lost or legal delays etc.

2. Problems on the road between the two points. That might arise if there is, for example, a road closure following an accident or subsidence etc.  The vehicle is unable to gain convenient parking access to either the pickup or delivery addresses. That can happen in situations where someone has parked in your reserved space or simply forgotten that they had previously agreed one will be reserved for you.

3. Occasionally we have experienced the situation where we have arrived to start packing and removing items only to be surprised by the sudden announcement that a very large and difficult to move or dismantle item is now included in the removal.

4. Weather delays. Again this is exceedingly rare but in some weather conditions it may be practically impossible or simply not safe to continue with the transport of your possessions on the agreed date.

6. In situations where your furniture removal includes your possessions being placed into storage, the timescales assume that we can access the depot at the previously agreed times. If we cannot due to problems at the storage site then that may delay things again.

Depending upon the circumstances, in some cases there may be the danger of additional fees being incurred. It is impossible to predict these highly unusual events in advance but what we can promise is that should there be any such problems during your removal, you will be kept fully informed at all times.