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Using a Storage Container

Using a Storage Container

Your image of a typical household or office removal might include a van with lots of things being loaded inside it.

In fact, that’s still the way the majority of removals are conducted but there is an alternative that might be useful in circumstances where you need your items to be held in storage for a period of time. That alternative is the removal container.

It works like this for a typical removal in say Christchurch or Auckland. Storage services comprise lockable and fully secured premises. Ours have been approved by various authorities such as New Zealand Customs, as being suitable and subject to appropriate security measures to prevent intrusion.

You can keep your items in there for as long as you like and access them 7 days a week, with prior notice. This gives you a lot of extra flexibility in planning both the best time to vacate your existing premises and to move into your new one.

Traditionally, the items to be stored would be offloaded into your storage area and then re-loaded when you called for their delivery. There’s nothing wrong with that but another modern option is to load your goods into a container, which is then offloaded directly into our Christchurch or Auckland storage services.

The advantage of this approach is that it removes the need to unload then reload your items into and out of storage. Generally speaking, that’s good in terms of reducing the scope for possible accidents in the handling of your items in transit.

We’d welcome the chance to explain a little more about containers and storage services. Choice is important and we work hard to give us much of that to you as we can.

So, why not give us a call to find out more? We’re waiting to hear from you!