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What Makes the Best Moving Company?

What Makes the Best Moving Company?

If we at Total Care Removals have a fault, it’s that we are perhaps a little too modest!

We have good reason to believe that we are, without doubt, the best when it comes to being a moving company. Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, it doesn’t matter where you are you can be absolutely sure of getting an exemplary service if you choose to honour us with your business.


Some people are, rightly, a little bit cynical about corporate Mission, Vision and Values statements. They think they are designed primarily for PR purposes and looking good in the annual report etc.

We don’t see ours that way.

For us, our values are at the very core of the way we do business. Our values can also be expressed very simply in non-PR speak terms. They are all quite simply about ensuring that you’d never have cause to complain about our services.

So, whether it is in the speed of delivering a quotation, the quality of our packing or the excellent care we provide when loading and unloading your possessions from our vehicles, all of our actions are guided by the need to make your life simple and stress-free when moving.

What you’ll never hear from us is that we claim:

• To be the cheapest,
• To have the most impressive logo and advertising catchphrases,
• To hand out lots of marketing materials
• To be the fastest, if that involves cutting corners with the potential safety and security of your valuables.

Our core values don’t exist to simply hang on a wall in the reception areas of our offices. As we have said before and will say again, they govern all of our actions on a day-to-day basis.

That’s why we know that we are simply the best moving company around. Why not put that assertion to the test by speaking to us further about our services?