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What to Do About Traffic Delays in Household Removals

What to Do About Traffic Delays in Household Removals

North Island traffic problems and disruptions recently got a lot of national coverage arising from the Auckland holiday.

Some will say there is nothing much new in this and that the problem is not restricted to the North Island.

Let’s say right at the outset that not even we at Total Care Removals can guarantee you a traffic-free removals experience. The fact of the matter is that the roads today can be busy at the best of times and if there is something like roadworks, an accident or simply bad weather to contend with, then jams can be a headache for everyone including removal companies. Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and elsewhere – these problems can happen.
There are, however, a few points we’d like to make about how we can work with you to reduce the risk of your removals and deliveries being delayed due to traffic problems.

• Try to be flexible in terms of the time of your removal and subsequent delivery. Nobody knows the local roads better than we do and we will know how to avoid obvious bottlenecks, providing you can be a little bit flexible in your planning.

• If we are not doing the packing for you, it’s worth making all possible efforts to ensure that everything is ready to go as soon as we arrive to collect your items.

• As a general rule, we will recommend that we try to avoid vehicles being on the road around major conurbations around rush-hour in the morning and evening and around lunchtime too.

Ultimately, you may need to be a little patient if our vehicle is delayed due to traffic conditions we have no control over whatsoever. What we do promise though is that ‘traffic’ will never be used by us as an excuse to hide the fact that we didn’t plan the day properly or got off to a late start!