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What to do if it’s Raining When You Move

What to do if it’s Raining When You Move

One of the things about the removal day that not even we at Total Care Removals can control is the weather!If you’re unlucky and it’s teeming down then it is, almost inevitably, going to add a little bit of stress to the day’s proceedings.

All of our guys are extremely well trained in how to deal with torrents of rain at the same time as loading your precious possessions on to the vehicle.  Obviously, we will try and get to our van is close to your premises as possible but in most cases there is still likely to be a distance to be covered between the last piece of shelter and getting into our vehicle.

As you would expect from a moving specialist, all of our vehicles will be equipped with plenty of covers. Even so, there are a few things you may be able to do yourself to help cope with the challenges arising from these sorts of situations:

1. Our employees will always use as much covering protection as they can in order to make sure that carpets are kept apart, as far as possible, from the wet and possibly muddy feet that will be walking in and out during the day. Any coverings you can put down yourself to the floorings will help.

2. On floors that will take water and dirt (say tiles), it may be more convenient to simply accept that they will get a little dirty and keep out some cleaning materials so that they can be given one last clean at the end of the day’s loading. We can also provide professional cleaning services to assist with that if you wish.

3. Inevitably you will be in and out as well, so remember to keep out some good waterproof coats and umbrellas. Hopefully the sun will come back out shortly and make the day less challenging!