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What you Can and Cannot Remove from your Property when Vacating

What you Can and Cannot Remove from your Property when Vacating

In what follows, we will be talking a little about what you can and cannot remove from your property when moving home.

We’re basing that upon a situation where you are the property owner, rather than when you are renting. Remember also that these are a few general principles and it’s a smart idea to take legal advice on these matters before making unilateral decisions.

What you can remove

Broadly speaking, you are allowed to remove all objects and possessions that are ‘yours’ and which are defined as being ‘movable’ under normal circumstances.

So, things like ornaments, furniture, clothing and garden equipment typically will be fine and your moving company should be able to load them up for you no problem.

What you typically can’t remove

Things that you can’t remove are usually seen as being what are called ‘fixtures and fittings’.

Some of these things are relatively straightforward and no-brainers. For example, expect to get some irate phone calls and legal letters if you decide to remove the staircase from your property at the time you vacate it!

There are though, some notorious ‘grey areas’ here.  For example, some kitchen units may be fitted to the wall, in which case they would probably be considered to be part of the structure of the property and therefore something that you must not remove.

Yet in some kitchen designs, certain units are free-standing and not attached to anything. Theoretically you could, therefore, take them with you as ‘furniture’ at the time you go.

In some cases there may be no clear legal definition and it might be something that you as the vendor and your buyer can agree between you.

Where that is the case though, once again it would be sensible to get your agreement confirmed in writing rather than just leave it as a verbal understanding.