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What’s Different About Office Removals?

What’s Different About Office Removals?

We’re sometimes asked why we differentiate between our commercial and domestic removals services. That’s because, at face value, it might all look very similar – just loading boxes and pieces of furniture on a van etc.

In fact, there are significant differences. Let’s look at the most obvious but also important difference – that’s something called “time-boxing”.

When you are moving home, you will very probably have some sort of time schedule in place. If that runs a little bit ahead or behind events, it’s typically no big deal. Domestic removals also usually involve home owners accepting that their normal daily routine is going to be disrupted from the time their existing property is vacated until their items are off loaded at their new location and unpacked.

business removals

However, let’s consider a typical commercial removal – for example in Christchurch. Furniture moving for a company typically can’t be allowed to disrupt normal business. That means that in many cases the packing has to take place while day-to-day commercial activities are underway. Furthermore, delivery is often required at the weekend or in such a fashion on the next working day as to ensure that the business can still function immediately at the start of the day.

For many businesses, the concept of needing to close down while they are actually moving out of their old premises or into their new one is unthinkable. In order to make sure that doesn’t happen, you need to use a removals company that is expert in the planning and execution of such commercial removals.

Here at Total Care Removals we have spent many years perfecting those same skills for our corporate customers. If you would like to hear more about our Christchurch furniture moving services or those we offer anywhere else in New Zealand, why not contact us for an initial scoping discussion?