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Why Choose Us?

Here are just a few of the concrete reasons to select Total Care Removals.

Our Range of Services

We’ll provide you with all services required in order to get you and your possessions quickly and safely to their destination.

That can include, if you wish:

We’re a one-stop shop for removals – and that cuts down on your need to co-ordinate between multiple providers.

Our Pricing

We market our services based on their excellence and not on being the cheapest available in the marketplace.

Even so, we’re aware that many removals need to be conducted on the basis of a limited budget so we’ll work with you to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. Options include fixed quoted pricing OR hourly rates – YOU choose.

Our Vehicles

Our trucks are set up for fragile freight, meaning carpeted walls, steel rails for tying most items down, stacks of furniture pads plus trolleys and tools.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We don’t accept that problems during removals are somehow inevitable.

By contrast, we know that most arise because of poor performance.

As a team, we are 100% dedicated to avoiding problems and delivering an exemplary service and customer satisfaction experience.

Our Experience and Team

Our business owners alone have more than 30 years’ experience in the removals industry – and that’s to say nothing of the rest of our team.

We’re not arrogant but we have so much experience that it’s very rare for us to encounter a domestic or commercial removals situation that we haven’t seen previously.

That experience is essential for a removals company and it’s why Total Care Removals can guarantee you a smooth move.

Our Humanity

At heart, we’re a family owned and run business.

We don’t believe in corporate-speak formality, as we believe that often disguises a lack of real in-depth knowledge on the part of the user.

We promise to communicate with you regularly and on a person-to-person not company-to-person basis.

Our customers tell us that we’re a likeable and personable team and that’s one reason why they choose us.

Why not give us the chance to show you that they’re right?