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Why you Should Speak to us About Removals Insurance

Why you Should Speak to us About Removals Insurance

We always take exceptional care with your household items.

That’s something you can 100% rely on.

However, there’s an important point we’d like to remind you about – it relates to removals insurance and removals companies – Christchurch and elsewhere.

Our cover

It’s exceptionally unlikely that you would ever encounter a situation where you felt we were responsible for the loss or breakage of one of your items. Yet we’re human and accidents can sometimes happen.

For example, if one of our team trips and falls over whilst loading one of your items and as a result, it suffers damage, then we are fully insured for such eventualities.

It’s important to note though that this is not global removals cover designed to protect your interests.

What that means

Our standard household removals cover exists in order to protect our liabilities to you as a customer.  In other words, it means that if something went wrong and we admitted liability, we would be able to meet your just claims through our insurers.

As we have said before though – that cover typically will not protect you against a range of circumstances that you’re liable for.  Those circumstances might include things such as:

Our advice

We would strongly recommend that you consider taking out your own removals insurance.

This type of policy will protect you against the totality of the risks you face that something may go wrong and lead to you incurring significant costs.

It’s perhaps also worth restating here that some household insurance policies specifically exclude things such as damage to your contents when they are on the road between properties or in storage.  You may not therefore be able to rely on any existing policies you have to meet the costs of any removal mishaps.

Full removals insurance is typically modestly priced and it may give you an added degree of peace of mind.

Please talk to us if you require further information or assistance in finding such cover.  We’d be delighted to assist!