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Your Furniture – Safe Overnight

Your Furniture – Safe Overnight

Sometimes, the very nature of a given household removal means than we won’t be able to get the entire job finished in one day.

That might be because the loading won’t be finished in time to allow the transport to and offloading at your new address to take place before the end of the working day. Perhaps it might be that you’re moving out one day but can’t take delivery until the following day due to legal completion date reasons.  Another such situation might arise when your removal is over a long distance – what we call ‘Line Haul Removals’.

Whatever the reason, we can promise you that your household items will be totally safe in our charge while in transit.
Depending upon the exact nature of the situation, we may need to offload your items into fully secure storage units until the delivery date arrives. In other situations they may stay on our vehicle overnight ready for delivery the next morning but once again, they’ll be fully secure.

In that latter situation, our vehicles will be fully locked away in a secure and monitored location. You won’t find them parked up in a backstreet, on a piece of waste ground or just on the road outside somebody’s house overnight!
At Total Care Solutions we take our responsibilities very seriously – including that of needing to ensure that your possessions are completely safe while we’re looking after them.  If you wish, you can inspect some of our storage and other facilities in advance if you’d like to be reassured.

One last promise on this subject – you’ll never be ‘caught out’ by us saying at the last moment that we can’t deliver to your new home when we’ve agreed.  So, if we say we’ll get the delivery done on the same day as collection, then we’ll do so!